Những nghịch lý – Paradoxical things in life

Càng biết nhiều càng hiểu ra mình chưa biết được bao nhiêu The more I know, I more I know that I know nothing  Gắng chạy theo hai chữ ''hạnh phúc'' khiến đời mình bớt bình tĩnh mà đón hạnh phúc The craving for happiness makes me less calm to receive happiness  Muốn trở nên... Continue Reading →


What secrets are you hiding from your parents?

They are not only hidden from my parents but from many other people. My parents love me but in an over-caring way. The others like me but in a stereotypical way. I hide them many things. My smoking It’s not so often but it happens, depending on the weather or my mood or the fellow-smokers.... Continue Reading →

Heart of gold

"I want to live I want to give I've been a miner for a heart of gold" Life is full of people surviving with conspiracy and hatred ... knowing but refusing a chance to speak out, ... working in the same place but chase different goals ... sleeping in the same bed but have different... Continue Reading →


Don’t hate, meditate!

It's often the claim of people around me that how silly and unreasonable it is when I practice Yoga and get cold easier than non-practitioner. I used to also get confused myself with this situation, but finally found out that it doesn't mean I become weaker but the more I practice, the more my body... Continue Reading →


When was your poorest moment?

Walking on the street with a bottle of soft drink in my hand at midnight after party time, I noticed a stranger on the opposite side of the road, a very old woman who was silently collecting the waste from public dustbins. After a few minutes of hesitation, I came closer, took out a banknote... Continue Reading →


Are people becoming less intelligent?

It’s dogmatism to claim that humans are becoming more or less intelligent but it's scientific evidence that human brains remain evolving to keep pace with global changes. Economic and social environment are changing faster than we ever imagined which require more and more skills to survive. Science and technology achievements not only give us more... Continue Reading →


Eat to learn, learn to live

My current job is involved with lots of governmental organizations where meeting and networking party are two fundamental parts. The plain fact is that working in this environment in a communist country is not so pleasant. Fake communication is everywhere. I often join the meals between all the Japanese experts or with a dozen of... Continue Reading →


Why stop growing up?

“Many people die at 25 but aren’t buried until they’re 75” (Benjamin Franklin) I’m 25 now and I’m going to die? I’m considered as a well-educated person in my developing country. I have a decent-paying job in a governmental organization. I’m lucky to make my way to different lands. I succeeded and failed many times... Continue Reading →


Hoa nở hoa tàn – Lotus stories

For ages I have not bought any flowers to plant in vase, I have not picked wild flowers on the travel way. If I want, I will grow them, look after them and listen to their growth day by day. So many times I happily bring home fresh flowers to lay in a nice place,... Continue Reading →


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