Lifelong friends

Hello Co Mi,

I’ve really thought a lot about when you said that I am not alone, that I am in love with the sunsets, cloud-scapes and quiet nights by the ocean. This is something I will always remember because it is true. Perhaps it is also why I haven’t had much luck with women. It is something that draws my attention away from them. If they only knew that these places and scenes cannot take the place of a good woman in a lonely man’s heart. Truth is my desire is to share these beautiful moments with them is very strong.

I have opened up to you as a friend because you are in tune with nature. You have shown me pagodas and spiritual places. You have provided flowers for a dead bug and honored the memory of its life, and you have tolerated this old man’s harsh views about life. Sorry for some of the negativity. I am still healing from a lifetime of service. I have seen things. Terrible things as a police officer and firefighter. Things no sane person should ever have to see. This is why I seek out the solitude of nature and the perfect balance of its design. This is why I prefer to mostly be alone but I also know that it is not good for man to be alone. So I still open my life to certain people. People who show a certain kind of wisdom.

Thank you for being one of those people. You are so rare to find my friend. Something very special. And I want you to know you are also not alone.

Raymond Harkness 

Thank you for sharing your weekends with me. I truly cherish the joyful moments every time you drive me around and tell me about your life. I don’t mind listening to your gloomy stories sometimes. If my tolerance is a painkiller for everyone’s suffering, I’d love to keep that lifelong empathy.

The beauty you see in daily life and in me is a reflection of you. We cannot get older with our colorful minds. We don’t live in a single world but in a thousand worlds.

I’m sure life with full of surprise will bring you someone who deserves your great heart. You’ll find the best things when you’re not looking for them.

I’m always here getting, reading and answering your messages, again and again, no matter where I am on Earth.
Co Mi

I tend to believe that if the love is real, it has the strength to endure and not burn out. Real love gets better and stronger as it is tested by time. I have no expectation of you. If I did I would ask you to stay. But I would never ask someone to give up their dreams. I support what you are doing 100%.

It should come as no surprise that I’ve fallen in love with you. Hey what’s not to love? But you firmly choose a lifelong friendship. Just know that’s how I feel, I’m not asking you to change anything. To be lifelong friends is a given because you will not forget me : )

I just want to tell you that you quickly won my heart. It is said that if you love someone, you must be willing to let them go. Real love is not forced, it is not proud or puffed up. It does not seek itself but rejoices in the truth. Love is patient. Love is kind. It endures all things. When you leave Ha Long tomorrow, just know that I have genuinely loved you. I will miss you but I know your dreams will carry you to the places you have dreamed about. You never have to feel alone. I will remember you. I’m always a phone call away. God bless you as you go.

Ha Long Bay, 6th July 2018

Raymond Harkness 


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