What made you sad today?

We saw an injured man in an accident without doing anything. 

It was dark and rainy hard, the storm had just arrived on the bay for some hours, the road was deserted.
The driver was in hurry to bring our team back to the hotel, the other colleagues were busy in chatting. I was drowning in thinking, as usual.

“Look! There’s a man by the roadside”, silently said the driver. After two seconds I stared at the scene, the car passed by. Just two people saw it, no one else knew.

By the mess the road construction left, a lonesome man laid unconsciously, with a face full of blood. The rain and yellow lamp made everything more gloomy and dusky.

“Please stop and turn the car back, we need to help him, at least call the ambulance!” – “How can I stop? How can these hungry and tired people allow me to stop while there are tons of people out there will do it? Keep calm and take it easy, lady!”.
Fine, I took it easy: road accident is a friend of Vietnamese, and kindness is all around, except in our hearts now.

I cannot set my mind at peace tonight. “Is he alive? Is he just injured? Did someone going behind stop to help him? Were his family waiting for him for dinner?”
Strange man, I have nothing for you but praying and praying.


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