What secrets are you hiding from your parents?

They are not only hidden from my parents but from many other people. My parents love me but in an over-caring way. The others like me but in a stereotypical way. I hide them many things.

My smoking
It’s not so often but it happens, depending on the weather or my mood or the fellow-smokers. Smoking is a kind of self-liberation for me.

My relationships
I escaped from a haunting relationship with a Buddhist teacher who keeps silently writing me hundreds of letters, poems and proses until now; who brought me both joyful and sorrowful days in his unusual way. Thanks to that breaking up, I suffered from a half-year depression and started to pave my way to yoga and meditation.
I fall in love with a Hindu Nepali activist who fully lives in his both academic and artistic style, who taught me about what a balanced life free of suffering is. Thanks to that blissful relationship, I have a second country welcoming me unconditionally and have more motivation for the meaningful social projects.
I broke all the so-called rules to be with a Muslim Yemeni man who made me finally know what love at first sight is, who taught me that life is full of surprise and exception. Thanks to that beautiful relationship, we have more empathy for every religion and more strength for pursuing a memorable life.
Mom and dad have never known about my relationships because all of them were out of their imagination. Love comes naturally by destiny, I myself don’t know where life will take me. Just enjoy it in every single moment.

My enjoyable “singleness”
Knowing nothing about my secret relationships, people consider me as a lonesome woman all the time and start to feel pity for a “lonely nerd”, a “bookworm”, a “travel junkie”, etc.
I hide them my inner peace and happiness. When we see how beautiful the solitude is, we don’t want to deal with people anymore.

My colorful life
I don’t often use social networks and isolate myself from digital gadgets after work every day. I enjoy working in my deep introverted style in a governmental organization which requires an abundance of extroverted people. I keep my work and private life as far apart as possible. I disappear several times per year for traveling and beautifying small projects along the way. And my life even becomes more mysterious for the others.
Everything seems to be so normal in certain cultures but in Vietnam where the family connection is very strong, I know my private way of life is not highly appreciated. Living with secrets is interesting but too much of anything is good for nothing. One day my parents and my future children will know what built their daughter and mother.


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