Don’t hate, meditate!

  • It’s often the claim of people around me that how silly and unreasonable it is when I practice Yoga and get cold easier than non-practitioner. I used to also get confused myself with this situation, but finally found out that it doesn’t mean I become weaker but the more I practice, the more my body is becoming purified and sensitive to the environment.
  • I was born in a low-income family in a low-currency country. People see my way of life, my trips and guess that there is surely a prosperous family, a very well-paid job or any other powerful relations behind me. They think money doesn’t matter to me at all. But it does. Working for earning living and experience, researching passionately and enjoying the hobbies at the same time are never easy. No one knows how hard I tried year after year because I’ve been studying and working like I’m playing all the time. I just want to see how far I could go, for self-challenge, not for money or reputation.
  • Deep conversation is not easy to find in daily life. We even often avoid such kind of real conversation about happiness, love, religion. I like asking personal and philosophical questions and digging deeper to everything. People around me hesitate, even don’t dare to say deep things face to face. In their eyes, I belong to an over-romantic planet.
  • Leading a colorful life at the young age then a simple life at the older age is all I long for. I used to be a teacher, translator, interpreter, researcher, writer, a storyteller and peacemaker, even… a heartbreaker. Now in the next life chapter, I will be a partner and a children caretaker.
  • Whenever hearing people around me complaining about someone, my first responding question often is “So besides all of the horrible things you’ve said, what is his/her good characters?”. In fact, all I want to say is “I’m sick of listening to the complaint all the time” but talking down to them is not a wise thing to do.
  • This comment often comes to me “Your world is different from mine”. – “No, we live in the same world, but different style” -> Calmly discussing with non-like-minded people is so interesting. Difference and conflict are the motivation of development. It is impossible to be with someone who agrees with us all the time.
  • We all have our own difficulties in life. Complaining and comparing should never be in the to-do-list. Whatever happens, there’s always space for love, kindness, happy occurrences and simple wonder. Miracles are everywhere, it’s just our attitude to find them our in daily normal life.
  • I take care of my body wholeheartedly because I love it and protect and cultivate myself with wisdom and science, not with blind faith. A healthy mind is only in a healthy body. My body is a treasure and I don’t give many people the keys to open it. People complain about my chubbiness. Who cares? Don’t let the outer world ruin your inner peace. Rules are there to be broken.
  • I don’t want to be open with someone who brings me the feeling that they are imposing some morals on me. For example, they ask me something about my trips and automatically show their surprise while knowing that a girl always on the move loves cooking, making handicrafts, meditating and looking after the other ones.  Life is full of exception.
  • I think much. But thinking much doesn’t mean thinking negatively. Challenging myself to think and do something new every day makes me young and happy. My brain has to thank me for keeping it sharp over the years.
  • My perception of life is so simple when I get married one day. Be with someone, take care of the meals, raise kids, spend both joyful and stressful days together, discuss daily little things, work for earning living, for traveling, and grow old together…
    Many of them say “You are too complicated” but when I say “It’s all for preparing for the simple life ahead, simplicity is the result of complexity”, they say “Oh life is not simple as you think. Dealing with kids, with bills, with relationships…, you’ll see”. How paradoxical it is!
  • I found out the exact scientific words describing my syndromes: “Mood swings” or more seriously “Borderline Personality Disorder”. It may be better if I live in developed country where therapists have land to work. But it doesn’t matter now because living in the current state in my beloved homeland makes my life so colorful.
    (To be continued…)

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