Those were the days

This photo reminds me of my old room, a very small one where I kept thousands of books at university time. I even did not buy bookshelves, just laid them right on the bed where I could enjoy the mornings waking up next to my treasure.
Time passed. It is amazing to see how we changed over the years. I before was always opposed to selling books which I cherished years after years despite surely having no time to read them all. One day I realized that selling books is like pursuing happiness in life. The old leaves and the new comes. I cannot keep one thing forever if I want my life to move forward. So I started to share my little treasure to someone in need. It was happy days of being young.
At the moment, leading a simple and nomadic life is ideal to me: no obsession of material belongings, no trend of anything. “Like a rolling stone gathering no moss”. But I’m also eager to see how I will amazingly change some day if I decide to stick with someone and live with relationship, with kids, with more responsibility. It must be other joyful days of getting older.


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